Friday, October 23, 2009

The Ladder

If I've learned anything from my success in losing weight, setting goals is the most important ingredient.  So, I'm creating a plan that will outline my path to becoming a physician and dubbing it "The Ladder."

Today, for example, I sat down and listed all of the courses remaining to earn my BS degree.  I created a table that included each quarter for the next three years, and assigned each course to get an idea of how rigorous my schedule would be to graduate by 2011 or 2012.

I'll have to talk with my advisor to refine it, but it's a good start.  Not only does it give me direction, but it also makes obvious where I will have more time to devote to volunteering, shadowing, MCAT prep, etc.

Next to setting goals, the next most important key to success is accountability.  This blog is part of that accountability.  I've found that the more people I tell about my goals, the more I feel a responsibility not to let myself (and everyone else invested in my success) down.

I encourage you to develop your own "ladder" to success... you will be surprised how much it contributes to your focus, commitment, and (hopefully) ultimate success!

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