Thursday, September 24, 2009

First round of tests complete

Three weeks into my first term back, I have proven to myself that this is where I belong.  Hours of hard work and diligent study have yielded the following:

Comp Exam 1: 98%
Sociology Exam 1: 100%
Chemistry Exam 1: 110%

I feel invigorated again... the cogs in my brain are beginning to turn again, and I find myself with a new optimism toward life.  If there is an area I'm lacking, it is the same old independence syndrome that I've had my whole life.  I need to be more sociable... I can be serious about school AND socialize with classmates.  I'm not concerned about being popular, I just want to challenge myself to reach out and make connections while I am here.  I have found that one of the most challenging aspects of adulthood is making new friends and long-term connections with people.  It comes so easily as a child.  There are no role expectations, or statuses to live up to, so children are more apt to accept each other and be interested in each other's lives.

This is a difficult thing as an adult... we are much more selective and attempt to consider how people will fit into our social structures.  This leaves an awful lot of diversity out of bounds.  So, my challenge to myself (after kicking ass in class) is to actively invest myself in the people around me.

Anyway, I took the fam out to Red Lobster today to celebrate.  Mary (my 3yr old) shared a pound of crab legs with me.  Well, she ate most of it.  Life is good.

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