Thursday, September 3, 2009

So far so good...

School is great so far.  I'm really enjoying chemistry.  I'm sure the fact that I'm prepared for each class helps.  I find myself hoping that we'll get points for every little thing.  I'm looking forward to homework, tests, and quizzes just so that I can rack up points.  It's strange.  I never viewed school like this before.  It's fun!

Anyway, they just posted the schedule for next quarter.  I'm hoping I can get them to make an exemption for me to take 4 classes.  I'm pretty sure I can take Oral Communications and Comp II without a problem.  Not sure if they'll allow Chem II and Genetics (even though genetics doesn't have a lab).

For those who don't know, my school has 4 quarters per year instead of semesters. However, they all have an online component which allows them us to get a full semester of credit for a quarter class.  It's sweet, but very fast paced.  You cannot afford to fall behind, hence, the 9 cr hr limit per semester.

I also found out today that the school is doing so well that they are going to build a few more buildings on campus this year... pretty impressive in a recession.  My chem prof said bonuses last December were 18% of salary.  Nice.

I love school!

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