Monday, January 4, 2010


My job is unconventional.  Each day there are a fixed number of jobs that start at various times throughout the day (3 shifts).  Who gets each job is seniority based, so we have a "daily preference" form that they use to determine who to place where.

If someone with higher seniority gets a job that is higher up on your preference list and then lays off, they call you for a "ripple."  Basically, they give you the opportunity to work the job if it comes available.

Well, with my schedule at school, the time they choose to call happens to be when I am in class.  So, I called this morning and left a message with the caller to let her know that I would not be available when she called, but that I would like to accept the ripple if it becomes available.

Sure enough, the phone begins vibrating during class... a sure sign that she either 1) did not get my message, or 2) completed ignored it.  After class I called to see what she had done, and in a very snotty tone, she said "Yes, I got your message.  That's not how it works.  I call YOU, and if you don't answer, that's too bad.  I have to TALK to you. Click."

With the weather right now, the difference in the job that I will work and the job I COULD have worked today is about 7hrs outside in the snow.  I have to keep telling myself that this is exactly the reason why I'm back in school... I can't take 30 more years of this kind of arrogance/ignorance.

Of course, it's hard to speak to yourself when all you can think about is beating the living shit out of the person. 

Serenity now....

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